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This facility offers garage space for all the road department vehicles and equipment, a workshop and an office area. Also on site are storage bins for the road salt and grits used during the winter months.


Bryan Hiles is the Road Department Superintendent; he is assisted by Joe Danley. The department staff consists of several additional full time employees and a varying number of part time employees who work during the spring, summer and fall seasons.


From left to right: Ryan Perkins, Joe Danley, Kyle Wilhelm, and Bryan Hiles.


The Road Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of over 61 miles of public streets and roads within Moorefield Township. A major portion of the Township budget is allocated to road maintenance and services. The need for repaving and patching is ongoing. Moorefield Township currently spends in excess of $300,000.00 annually to repair and resurface roads. Patching is done year round, as needed. As a street is scheduled to be re-surfaced, residents will be notified several months in advance. This will provide an opportunity to arrange desired curb repairs and replacement at the expense of the homeowner.

The department is also charged with the maintenance of three cemeteries located within the Township and provides grave services at Pleasant Hill Cemetery as needed. The Township also has an additional part time employee who performs road side mowing during the season.


Snow and ice removal are a priority on Moorefield Township roads and streets. Frequently the township snowplows, equipped with salt spreaders, will be on the road as early as four A.M. to insure that the morning commute is safe for township residents. While the trustees and the road crew understand that everyone would prefer that his or her street be the first one plowed, the department works through the Township on a systematic schedule. Please be aware that the greater the accumulation of snow, the longer it takes for the crew to work through the entire township. The department is also aware that it is discouraging to find the plowed snow blocking your drive; this is regrettable but unavoidable.

Moorefield Township Trustees are pleased to offer a variety of services to area residents. These are services that are not mandated by law, but are provided as a convenience to township residents along public streets and roads.

Brush removal begins mid-April and continues until the last week of September. Township crews will NOT pick up any type of yard waste, lawn clippings or grasses of any kind. If these items are mixed in your brush/limb pile, the crews will not take any of the items you have set out. To ensure that your brush will be collected, it must be curbside by the last Monday of September. No brush will be removed after the final scheduled pickup. Brush removal is an optional service provided at considerable cost and man hours. Therefore, no refuse created by professional tree services will be collected.

Township employees collecting brush.
Please place brush by the curb as shown above.
Leaf pickup begins in mid-October and continues until the last Monday in November. All leaves must be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on the last Monday in November to guarantee removal. This service is available to remove leaves only. If there are twigs, brush or other items mixed with the leaves, the entire pile will be left for the resident to remove. This service is also very labor intensive. In 2018, the two brush trucks collected 582 tons of leaves.

Moorefield Township also provides Christmas tree removal. Trees will be collected during the first two weeks of January. This service is of short duration, so please have your tree at the curb within the first few days of January.

If you have questions or concerns about roads or any of the related services, please contact Bryan Hiles by email. The Township welcomes your comments and suggestions; any member of Road Department will be happy to assist you.


Reflective house numbers are available at the township office. Addresses can be located more easily by emergency personnel when these numbers are displayed. The numbers may be obtained by calling the township office at 937-390-9972. The cost of the 2-sided green signs is $15.

If you have concerns or questions regarding any issues related to Moorefield Township, please feel free to contact the office. If we cannot assist you, we will direct you to the appropriate resources.


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