Daren Cotter, President

4619 McCord Street Springfield, OH 45503
Cell (937) 244-1838


Daren was elected in 2015 and is currently serving his 3rd  term. Daren serves as the township representative to the Clark County Sheriff's Department, serves as an assistant to the Road and Bridge Department.


Joseph Mosier, Vice President

3223 Tamarack Avenue Springfield, OH 45502
Cell (937) 605-3432


Joe began serving the township as Trustee in 2002 and is currently serving in his 6th term. Joe oversees the Road and Bridge Department, township cemeteries and serves as the representative to the Health Department.


Jack McKee, Member at Large

1170 Montego Drive Springfield, OH 45502
Cell (937) 605-3429


Jack began serving the township as Trustee in 1990 and is currently serving in his 9th term. Jack oversees the Fire Department and township buildings. He also supervises the township park and tornado sirens.


Janet Dyer, Fiscal Officer

1649 Merrydale Road Springfield, OH 45503
Cell (937) 605-3433


Janet was appointed as Fiscal Officer on September 1, 2003. She is currently serving in her 6th term. Janet's responsibilities include the managment of the fiscal affairs of the township, keeping accurate records of all township accounts and transcations, and recording the proceedings of the board of the township trustees.


1616 Moorefield Road | Springfield, Ohio 45503
(937) 390-9972